Why Angela Mia?

The most delicious tomato dishes have one thing in common: They're made with world-class tomatoes. At Angela Mia, we are committed to providing the very finest tomato products you can buy. From hand-sorting to steam-peeling, our unique processes guarantee you're serving up only the very best.

Discover how we make premium quality tomato products.


A tomato’s color can indicate how long it ripened and how carefully it was handled. The richer the red, the fresher and more pristine the tomato. The vibrant hue of our products is evidence of how we harvest our tomatoes at the peak of freshness and gently hand-sort, clean, and grade them—choosing only the highest-quality ones.


Flavor begins in the field. Our tomatoes are grown in the rich soil of the San Joaquin Valley, California—the perfect climate for harvesting the country’s very best tomatoes. We pick all of our tomatoes at the peak of freshness, naturally steam-peel them, and can them within hours to preserve their fresh-off-the-vine flavor.


Firm tomatoes hold up well in cooking, no matter the preparation method. Our wide variety of tomato products is processed to the tightest quality specifications to ensure dependable flavor, color, texture, and consistent recipe performance—without the addition of unnecessary amounts of calcium chloride.


Drained weight is the percentage of tomato solids left in a sieve after draining. A higher drained weight means less liquid, more tomato solids, and higher value for your tomato product investment. Try it yourself, and we are confident you will see Angela Mia tomatoes win the drained weight test in cutting after cutting, delivering more tomatoes and profit.


The use of chemicals, such as lye,* to peel tomatoes can result in chemical by-products being added to the environment. We naturally steam-peel our tomatoes to preserve their fresh flavor and ensure that no chemical by-products go back into the earth.

* Lye peeling is generally recognized as safe by the FDA and has no adverse effects on the healthfulness of tomatoes.

A Checklist for Great Tomato Products

  • 100% California-grown
  • Farmers chosen for consistently excellent products and growing procedures
  • Picked at the peak of growing season
  • From vine to can in a matter of hours
  • Hand-checked and sorted
  • High drained weight
  • Steam-peeled
  • Consistent size and texture
  • Bright red color—the redder the better
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Nutritional information labeled on the can

Premium Quality, Great Variety

Our premium quality tomatoes come in all forms to help you create your most delicious dishes.

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